Contributing to AsyncSSH

Input on AsyncSSH is extremely welcome. Below are some recommendations of the best ways to contribute.

Asking questions

If you have a general question about how to use AsyncSSH, you are welcome to post it to the end-user mailing list at If you have a question related to the development of AsyncSSH, you can post it to the development mailing list at

You are also welcome to use the AsyncSSH issue tracker to ask questions.

Reporting bugs

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs you find. Before creating a new issue, please check the currently open issues to see if your problem has already been reported.

If you create a new issue, please include the version of AsyncSSH you are using, information about the OS you are running on and the installed version of Python and any other libraries that are involved. Please also include detailed information about how to reproduce the problem, including any traceback information you were able to collect or other relevant output. If you have sample code which exhibits the problem, feel free to include that as well.

If possible, please test against the latest version of AsyncSSH. Also, if you are testing code in something other than the master branch, it would be helpful to know if you also see the problem in master.

Requesting feature enhancements

The issue tracker should also be used to post feature enhancement requests. While I can’t make any promises about what features will be added in the future, suggestions are always welcome!

Contributing code

Before submitting a pull request, please create an issue on the issue tracker explaining what functionality you’d like to contribute and how it could be used. Discussing the approach you’d like to take up front will make it far more likely I’ll be able to accept your changes, or explain what issues might prevent that before you spend a lot of effort.

If you find a typo or other small bug in the code, you’re welcome to submit a patch without filing an issue first, but for anything larger than a few lines I strongly recommend coordinating up front.

Any code you submit will need to be provided with a compatible license. AsyncSSH code is currently released under the Eclipse Public License v2.0. Before submitting a pull request, make sure to indicate that you are ok with releasing your code under this license and how you’d like to be listed in the contributors list.


There are two long-lived branches in AsyncSSH at the moment:

  • The master branch is intended to contain the latest stable version of the code. All official versions of AsyncSSH are released from this branch, and each release has a corresponding tag added matching its release number. Bug fixes and simple improvements may be checked directly into this branch, but most new features will be added to the develop branch first.

  • The develop branch is intended to contain features for developers to test before they are ready to be added to an official release. APIs in the develop branch may be subject to change until they are migrated back to master, and there’s no guarantee of backward compatibility in this branch. However, pulling from this branch will provide early access to new functionality and a chance to influence this functionality before it is released.